Well hello there.  Thank you for dropping by.  May I pour you a cup o’ tea?  You see, in addition to musing on the majesty of the Almighty, I get tickled pink when I have the chance to encourage the Body to take care of their body.  Many a saint struggles with eating poorly or moving rarely.  So pull up a chair and indulge yourself in one of my many letters.  (Up above where it says "Blog.")  If you’re inconsistent with your temple maintenance, you just might get yourself a stirrin’.

“Let us consider how to stir one another to love and good deeds”  Hebrews 10:24


About Grace

I was on my morning walk one day - I rise every morning at 5:15, have just a spit of coffee with my toast and jelly while I have some time of quiet with Jesus, then am out walking, rain or shine.  I love walking in the rain don’t you?  I have good, comfy rain boots. (I'm certain I found them at a thrift store...)  Anyway I was out walking one morning and this nice young man stopped me and asked me my age. Can you imagine?  Well I don’t much like to tell folks my age so I politely inquired why he wanted to know.  Well, you look great for a…ugh... senior.   (That’s today’s lingo for old you know.  We never heard that word senior when I was young. Old folks was old folks.)  So he said you should start a blog and tell people how you stay so fit & trim.  A what?  A BLOB?  No! A blog! It’s sort of like writing letters to folks but everyone can read them on the Internet.

Well I don’t have a computer or know much about that Internet. My grandson talks to his phone all the time asking it questions and how to get to places and the like but I’m too old for that. If someone wants to talk to me I’ve lived in the same house for 63 years now. They’re welcome to stop by for a cup of tea. 

“But wouldn’t you like to help people,” he kept nagging like a little gnat, “especially women who struggle with their weight or fitting in their exercise?  I bet you have some terrific recipes you could share.”

“Well I have kept a lot of my favorites,” I told him, “and I’ve been noticing folks at church seem to be getting a little thicker around the middle these days.”   I told him I’d be thrilled at the prospect of speakin' to the saints but I don’t know how to use the computer.  But do you know that nice young man showed up a few weeks later during my morning walk and told me he’d set up a Blob - I mean Blog - for me?  Why they call it a Blog I’ll never know.  Seems it should be called Letters.  So I wrote this first letter and gave it to him and here it shows up on the Internet!   I first started it with To Whom it May Concern but he said I didn’t need that.  So anyway that’s how I got started writing this Blob - Blog! - and he tells me sometime soon people will be able to send me their questions.  My lands, I don’t want to disappoint anybody.  I’m not one of those - what you call them? - personal trainers. 

Grace walking with dumbbells FINAL.jpg
gaspacho soup.JPG

My dear mom just taught us early about the importance of taking good care of our health.  She said it’s a way of "respecting the Lord."  So she had us eating all kinds of vegetables.  We were poor, you know, so had to spread a penny a long piece.   I learned to love beans and rice before I knew the Mexicans were the masters.   It’s not really hard to eat well.   Just takes a little planning and resolve.  You get in a habit of doing a few things regularly - just like you brush your teeth routinely- and you’ll be vibrant when you’re my age. 

Thanks for reading my letters.

Live Well,