Held Fast

Dear friends,

Maintaining a healthy weight and sticking to your temple maintenance is surely a winding path, isn’t it?  We blithely skip through the green meadows of life, zealously feasting on God’s bountiful fare, exercising with verve, praying and praising our Creator for the gift of health and our precious ability to move.  Then out of nowhere we find ourselves on a slippery slope.  A social gathering rife with unhealthy foods.  Inclement weather or simply winter’s abbreviated days, tugging us toward sluggishness.   We slip, then we fall, cracking our commitment.  The Devil dangles doubt and defeat.  “Can I do this?” you quiver in insecurity.  “I’ve never successfully stayed on track.  I’ve carried too much weight since I was a child.  I could never be slim and fit.  I can’t…”

And it’s true!  In your own flesh you can’t!  But this holiday season when it’s easy to topple into the sugar abyss, ponder Who’s holding your hand.   Remember and praise the One who promised never to leave nor forsake you.  Consider His power being perfected in your temptation and weakness when you surrender to His strength.  When you feel yourself teetering, pray aloud:

“Gracious Father, thank You that absolutely NO temptation can overcome me for You will always provide a way of escape when I trust in You.  (I Cor. 10:13)  You are with me.  You never leave me nor forsake me.  (Deut 3:16)  You are my God who strengthens me and upholds me with Your righteous right hand.  (Is 41:10)  I take refuge in You and You alone.  You are my Rock - my fortress - my protection from temptation.  I sing for joy, praising You all day long!

Then sing, saints!  Sing strength into your weak, weary soul.   Your Maker has promised to hold you securely in His hand.  Affirm and celebrate that truth this season with Ada Habershon’s sweet song, He Will Hold Me Fast, shared here by Kristyn and Keith Getty:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=936BapRFHaQ

Celebrate this sacred season knowing your hand is held fast.

Live Well,