Keep Walkin' in the Spirit

Dear friends,

We were discussing walking in the Spirit the other day and the more I prayed about it the more I was convinced it’s a real good idea.  But it’s a good idea not just as a reaction to temptation, but as a defense against temptation.  Here’s what I’m meaning.  Everyone knows we all feel a whole lot better when we’re moving regularly.  And surely, bicycling and running and rowing a boat is real good exercise.   But there’s a lot of us who just can’t do all that any longer.  Though I heard an interview just the other day about a woman who rode her bike ‘til she was 97 years old!  Anyway, if moving our temple and getting’ our heart a working some is a good thing, then walking is the easiest way for most of us to get it done.   But don’t you think walking in the Spirit would be even better?  What if while you were walking you were speaking the Word?  Or praying to your best friend Jesus?  Or maybe listening to one o’ those podcasts by your favorite pastor?  Wouldn’t that be food for both body and soul?

So go on!  Get on out there today and walk in the Spirit!

Live Well,