Ghost Boy

Dear friends,

Martin Pistorius has an incredible story.  In his memoir, Ghost Boy, he shares how it felt to be completely paralyzed yet mentally aware, though nobody knew.  His early childhood was normal.  He played outside.  Studied at school. Had fun with his friends. But by his thirteenth birthday he was completely immobile and unconscious.  His family had resigned themselves to his looming, inevitable death.  But after a few years his brain came back.  He heard and understood conversations.  He was aware of his surroundings and circumstances – pleasant or not – both people and places.  But he had no way to communicate his resurrected consciousness.  He was invisible to the outside world.  A Ghost Boy.

If you need to be stirred in your enthusiasm for movement, consider if you couldn’t.  If you need a nudge to tell someone you love them, ponder being mute.  Celebrate your ability to choose your food.  Some can’t.

Your body is a miracle, saints.  Each breath fuels your blood cells which give you life.  The ability to dance is divine.  Sing to God’s glory in gratitude for a voice. Honor your body in thanksgiving.

Live Well,