Breaking News

Dear friends,

Some folks believe Jesus was merely a “good teacher.”  Well He could gather a crowd with His stories, but He also claimed to be God.  Now I can claim to be the US Ambassador to Jamaica but just sayin’ it doesn’t make it so.  But what we know from the Good Word is Jesus’ actions disclosed His deity.  When I talk to non-believers, I like to bring scripture’s stories into the 21st century, allowing them to contemplate through a present tense lens.  I asked my neighbor, “What if you turned on your favorite morning news show to find this Breaking News story in progress?” 

Mike, there’s a man who has been in the parking lot of St. Mary’s hospital for the last two hours who claims to be God.  Though most are skeptical, He’s been healing people before they enter the building.  One woman had 103 temperature, had been vomiting for over 24 hours, and after He touched her face she instantly recovered.

Then a child who was covered with red measles-like spots allowed the man – we hear his name is Jesus – to wrap her hands in His own.  He prayed to His Father – He says He’s the Son of God – and afterwards bystanders watched the dots literally disappear.  It was miraculous.

Another man came by ambulance after a serious bicycle accident but unfortunately was declared dead upon arrival.  Mr. Jesus asked the medic the young man’s name, then said “Jesse, wake up.”  And to everyone’s amazement he began to breathe, opened his eyes and slowly sat up.  The EMTs were astonished because they were adamant his heart had stopped, his blood pressure zeroed out, and he had stopped breathing.  He was definitely dead!  But when this mysterious man spoke his name he arose!  His mother who had been sitting right next to him was overwhelmed with joy and disbelief.  And all the onlookers were silenced in awe.

We’ve just received word, Mike, that the hospital has given the man Jesus clearance to come inside.  Any of their patients will be allowed to have Him come to their bedside, but they’re requiring waivers be signed first.  The hospital legal team is frantically finalizing the verbiage because they’ve never experienced this kind of situation.  They want to be clear they don’t know who this man is and don’t endorse Him or His… His… His therapies, in any way.

So we’ll be back next hour with an update.  Back to you, Mike.

If you heard this news story, what would you think?  He claimed to be the Son of God.  Would you believe Him? 

Jesus turned history upside down.  For those who haven’t taken the time, He was surely a teacher worth investigating.  Be creative in sharing His message and miracles with your non-Christian friends and family.  It's a story worth telling.

Live Well,