Magic Dust

Dear friends,

Did I ever tell you one of my richest secrets to liveliness and longevity?

Magic dust.

No foolin’.

Magic dust.

That’s what I call ground flaxseed, ‘cus it looks like dust and it sure is magic.  Packed with Omega 3’s, which are those power-punching nutrients that make your heart healthy and your skin happy.  I throw it in everything.  My morning quinoa concoction.  Casseroles.  And always in my salads to add a bit o’ nutty flavor.

Now remember, you need to grind those little seeds or they just go right through you, if you know what I mean…  So next time you’re at a thrift store, find yourself a little coffee grinder and make it your official magic dust maker!

Every time I sprinkle flaxseed on something I smile and think to myself, “Lovin’ on my heart surely tastes good!”

Live Well,