Mama's Wisdom

Dear friends,

That nice young man who’s helping me with my letter sending told me they need to be more succinct. He says people don’t have the time to read much these days. So I’ll make this one shorter.

When we were thinking about a name for my letters Steve (or was it Stan?) asked about my life philosophy as it relates to staying healthy.  That was easy.  Again I want to credit my dear Mama.  She would say, “Gracie, you can lose your money and you’ll lose your friends but when you lose your health your livin’s over.  I took that to heart which is why I walk every day.  But back to naming my blob-oh there I go again - I think I’m going to just call it my letters from now on - so when naming my letters,  I considered what Mama woulda named it.  And it came right to me because she said it often, “Gracie you gotta live well.”

So Live Well seemed like a good name to me.

And my hope is to share with you in future letters what that means.  It’s not hard.  Don’t you worry. You just gotta be regular about it. Now don’t tell anyone - I’m not sure I should be saying this on the Internet - but my Mama also used to say, “Exercise regular and you’ll stay regular.”

So maybe I better close for now so I stay succinct.


Live Well,