Mornin' Glory

Dear friends,

Now Simon tells me, (I think I called him by the wrong name in my last letter. I got the S right. I have never known a Simon before so it didn’t stick right away in my aging brain.  I wrote it down and taped it on my refrigerator so I’d remember.)  I don’t need to start my letters with a salutation but I’m opposed to that.  Seems this Internet world is making times less personal so I just said, “Simon, I gotta start my letters with a salutation. It’s just what’s proper.  So even though I don’t personally know all y’all who are reading my letters if you’re taking the time to read ‘em I’m going to consider you a friend.

When I start musing on all the things Mama taught me about living well it’s hard stay succinct.  Now don’t you get anxious.  It ain’t hard.  (Oh Mercy!  My dear Mama would roll over in her grave if she knew I said ain’t in public! Please Lord make sure she doesn’t see.)  So living well isn’t difficult.  It just takes regular doin’s.  I know folks are busy these days but I’m thinking that’s all the more reason some of my systems will be useful. I wasn’t always retired you know. I’ve had these routines in place for years when I was feeding four kids and a hungry husband. So you all can do it too.

But you gotta make up your mind to do so. Now I had my Mama’s teaching well entrenched so I admit, I had an advantage. But don’t worry yourself. You can do this. And that’s my teaching for this letter:  Train your brain.

You have to take control of that gray ball under your hat or it’ll take control of you. The good Book says, “Take every thought captive.”  Have you considered what that means?  Put those good thoughts on a tether so they don’t get away from you, and kick those old, tired, negative thoughts to the curb!  Especially in the morning because it’s the start of your day.  It “sets the stage” as they say.  Do you stage your days to be gray and gloomy, or sun rays and calla lilies? I always preferred sunshine to drizzle so get out of bed and make your own sunshine.  (That’s more wisdom from my Dear Mama.  “Make your own sunshine, Gracie.”)   And I mean say it out loud like you’re a good old Southern preacher.  “Thank you Lord for this glorious new day!  You have made it so let me rejoice and be glad in it!  I’m standing up straight and not looking up on the roots of my tomato plants. Thank you I have a warm shower and fluffy towels (fluffy towels…what a treat…that will be another letter) and food in my pantry! I am blessed!” Now come on. If you’re going to Live Well you gotta speak well.

So Stan - I mean Simon - said I should give you an Action Step. That sounds a bit bossy to me so let’s call it a Nice Nudge: Get out of bed every day the next week and shout three Hallelujahs and five things for which you are truly grateful.

Oh, Mama would be so pleased to know about ya’ll makin’ happy.


Live Well,