Move with Meanin'

Dear friends,

I’m so sorry to hear one of you sweet readers jumped out of bed last week to do your hallelujahs and strained your back. I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend and still saying your Hallelulias, ever so gingerly.  (Read last week’s letter if you are lost.)

This letter writing has got me thinking deeply about remembering Mama’s words. I don’t want to say anything that wasn’t exactly what she taught. Mama was a soft-spoken woman, but oh was she wise! That’s why I’m so happy to share her insights on living well with you. She was someone worth listening to.  So I’m thinking I need to tell you about the importance of moving.  Mama used to say, “Don’t get lazy, Gracie.  God gave you two legs and a good heart and He expects you to use ‘em!”  Now don’t think Mama went to one of those health clubs. They hadn’t been invented yet when she was walking this ball.  But she’s the one who taught me to walk with vigor.  “Move like you mean it Gracie.  Walk like you’re looking to get somewhere.”  So even today people tell me I walk fast. I can’t help myself.  I always got my mama by my side prodding me.  “Get a move on, Gracie.  Don’t be sluggish.”

So for all y’all who’s wanting to Live Well, that means getting up on your feet.  Swing your arms with vigor and make yourself puff a bit. None of this strolling just to take in the scenery.  This ain’t sightseeing ya’ll!  (Oh, there I go again. I get excited and lose my good grammar.)  Think about what Mama said.  “Move like you mean it!”  Now some of you have those little radios with your music in it and if that makes you pick up the pace then that’s a good trick. But no snoozing tunes! No Lawrence Welk bubble music.  (Now don’t get me wrong. I surely adore Lawrence.  Just not for my walking buddy.)

So I’d like to offer you a Polite Prod for this week: Go out four times and move like you mean it.

Live Well,