A Grand Bargain

Are you a bargain shopper?  Oh dear, there wasn’t much my dear Mama enjoyed more than getting a good buy.  We used to spend an entire day going to thrift stores and would boast about who found the best bargain.  I’ll never forget the day she found herself some Merrell shoes for a dollar and the very next week I paid the same for a Brighton belt.  Oh mercy! You’da thought we’d won the lottery!  We were so pleased with ourselves!

So if you, too, are a bargain hunter, I have a little secret for you today.  I have an idea that’s gonna give you three treasures for one small price. 


It’s memorizing scripture while you’re walking.

Now come on now!  Don’t press that little X on the upper right of your screen just yet.  I know it’s not quite as much fun as a Brighton belt for a dollar but let’s just consider the concept for a moment. 

You tell yourself you want to exercise more often, isn’t that right?  Right.

And you say you’d be thrilled to have more energy and verve, right?  Right again, Gracie.  (Now beggin’ your pardon, I don’t mean to be boastful about being right…)

And haven’t you mentioned you’re concerned about keeping your brain working well as the years pass so you’ve been considering getting one of those crossword or Sudoku workbooks?  Yes, it’s true.

And finally, but most importantly, you’ve been feeling the need to hide the Good Word in your heart, knowing it’s the secret weapon for fighting away Satan’s nasty lies, isn’t that true too?  Now admit it.  It surely is the truth.

So for all you looking for the best bargain in town, I propose you start memorizing scripture while you’re out walking, transforming your time into a Worship Workout!  You’ll be exercising your brain and your heart and your soul all at the same time!  You’ll be giving yourself a natural energy boost for body and spirit.  And if you invite one of your pals you’ll be encouraging her and having fellowship too!  You’ll be like iron sharpening iron, building one another up in word and good deed.  Then next time you’re out moving your muscles you can provide encouragement and accountability; “Have you been practicing our memory verse, Lydia?”

Oh glory!  My Mama would love to join you in that grand bargain!

Live Well,


Miss Grace